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Swingers Party Manners

Swinging couples in Silver

The last few years has seen a huge increase in the number of people swinging. Many newcomers are not aware of the etiquette that applies in different swinging situations. This page sets out some of the basic rules of etiquette for swingers parties


When at an on-premise club or swing house party, you are there to have the best of times and to share the uninhibited enjoyment associated with those who have discovered a new dimension in their lifestyles. Once you have become familiar with the surroundings and staff members or host/hostess, try to become as at ease as you would be at any other social gathering. Don't hesitate to introduce yourselves to other people. You'll find them eager to welcome you and to help you blend into their circle of sincere camaraderie.


While you are advised to be congenial and outgoing, don't be "pushy". Many couples who are new to "swinging" often have unrealistic expectations and are not prepared to handle rejections that may sometimes occur. Freshly showered, perfumed, and neatly dressed people make more contacts. Don't let your personal physical idiosyncrasies stop you from having a good time. No one is perfect [although it is common for new "swingers" to see others as more attractive or more verbal as themselves]. Don't let your own mind be your worst enemy. Be prepared to handle rejection but don't take it personally.

It is important to remember that PERSONAL CHOICE is the right of every individual and to "respect that right" is only common courtesy. Learn how to accept "no thank you" graciously. Your approach -- which should be the same as it would be at any social setting -- is a key factor to your acceptance as a desirable partner/friend.

there are several variations to "swinging" and it is important that you and your mate decide, in advance, those which you like and dislike. Some couples prefer to be alone, while others prefer to be with other couples. Establish your own ground rules, but please decide on them BEFORE you start "swinging".


Some people will probably "break the ice" by introducing themselves, along with other couples they know. It's their way of making you feel at home. Feel free to join their conversation and you'll find that most of them will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the "swinging" lifestyle. Be open and honest. Tell them that you are new to "swinging" and you'll discover how helpful people can be.


On your first venture into the swinging scene, you may feel somewhat uneasy about seeing your mate with someone else. Some "swingers" want to share swinging with their mate and feel uneasy having their mate leave to another room with someone. Everyone has their own reasons for their feelings and all feelings are real and should be respected. To avoid embarrassment or disillusionment, discuss your inhibitions with your mate beforehand. Both of you may be more comfortable after talking to other couples and learning how they handled their first "swinging" session

Most party hosts try to keep the rules to a minimum, however there are a basic set of behaviors which apply to most if not all parties.

Swinging couples in SilverNo Smoking

For the safety and health of everyone, the playrooms at almost all venues are no smoking.

No hard drugs

Swinging couples in SilverThere are no drugs, with the exception of Viagra and Cialis that have any positive effects for boosting or helping sexual performance, most will actually have a negative effect on your sexual performance. It is also more fun to have a partner who is able to communicate coherently.

Anyone found using "date rape" drugs, or dealing any drugs will be reported to the police.

Easy on the alcohol

a drunk is not an attractive swinging partner, and will impair your performance.

No pressure

Do not try to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do - not even your own partner. If someone is trying to push you to do something you don't want to do, call out for a host.

no always means no at a Swingers partyNo means No

If anyone says no when you ask, or attempt to join them, please respect them and retire. If you persist you will be asked to leave the party.

cameras are forbidden at swingers partiesNo Cameras, Video Cameras or Mobile Phones

Cameras and camera phones and recording devices of all descriptions are not allowed at parties and clubs. This includes picture phones & video phones. These phones must be switched off & not used anywhere in the party. If you are seen with one you most hosts and clubs will asked you to leave after they have deleted any pictures or videos you have recorded.

Don't stand in the playrooms and talk

Talking in a playroom is regarded as very bad behaviour, it is also very off-putting for everyone - its ok to watch, preferred if you join in. If you want to talk to someone please go to the lounge or bar area's.

prudes are not welcome at swingers partiesBe open minded

Everyone is at the party for sex and fun with other people. If that is not what you want - please don't come. We all like different things, if someone is doing something you do not enjoy, do not watch.

Open bedroom doors

If you are at a party or a club where there are private rooms, an open door is an invitation for others people to join the action in that room

Closed bedroom doors

Please respect the privacy of people in the room - (closed doors are not a preferred action, as it reduces the amount of play areas for everyone). However a closed bedroom door does not mean that you can knock and enter. It means Do Not Enter.

No Advertising

If you want to advertise your own club or party, get the permission of the hosts first. It is very bad manners to spend the night trying to get people to come to your events rather than the hosts.