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Nude (Naturist, Nudist, Naked) Beaches Close to Silver

nudists in spainIn Spain being naked is one of your Rights.

One of the biggest surprises visitors and new comers to Spain gets is, that nudity is legal in all public areas in Spain! It is written into the Spanish Legal system that it is one of your protected human rights to be naked on any publicly owned land in Spain.

This includes all public beaches, forests, town squares, rivers, streets, mountains and lakes.

This does not allow for public acts of sex. Lewd or offensive acts will be prosecuted.

Most people choose to wear trunks of bikini bottoms on most parts of the  beaches, but you will often find Naturists naked at the far ends. There are also many beaches that have become clothing optional or fully naked, and these are the ones listed below.

If you know of any other beaches you would like to see added to the list, please drop us a line at [email protected].

For more details about Nudity in Spain, and what to do if you are asked to get dressed by the police, click here

Click on the "Bold" Name of the beach for more details


Playas de Matalentisco, Las Higuericas y Cuatro Calas" (Matalentisco, Las Higuericas and Cuatro Calas beaches), on the road to "Vera"


"Puntas de Calnegre", in Calnegre, to the south of Mazarrón

"Parazuelos"to the south of Mazarrón.

"Las Minas", to the south of Mazarrón.

"Percheles", to the south of Mazarrón.

"El Ballenato", to the south of Mazarrón.

"Playa de las Covaticas" (Covaticas beach), between Calnegre and Mazarrón

"Barranco Ancho", to the south of Mazarrón; naturism authorized.

"Cala Desnuda" (Desnuda bay), to the south of Mazarrón.

"Cala Leño" (Leño bay), to the south of Mazarrón.

"La Grúa", to the south of Mazarrón.

"Cala Amarilla", to the south of Mazarrón.

"Playa de la Cueva de los Lobos" (Cueva de los Lobos beach), to the south of "Bolnuevo".

"El Rincón", to the south of "Bolnuevo".

"Cala Bolnuevo" (Bolnuevo bay), to "Bolnuevo", near to the Port of Mazarrón.


"Playa de El Portús" (El Portús beach), at "Canteras", to the southeast of "Cartagena".

Campsite El Portús

Cartagena · Murcia (España). 30393

"Cala Morena" (Morena bay), near "El Portús", in "Canteras".

"Cala de las Mulas" (Las Mulas bay)

La Unión

"Playa Cal Blanque" (Cal Blanque beach), in the Natural Park of "Los Belones", near to the "Cape of Palos".

"Cala Reona" y otras (Reona bay and others), at "Cape of Palos", to the northeast of "Cartagena".