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Swingers Lifestyle Parties

Swingers parties are one of the best ways to get to know other swingers.

The big advantages of meeting people at are a party as opposed to a private meeting is that if you do not find the other people attractive, it is easier to let them down and find someone else to play with.

We are not aware of any parties in the Silver area, but if you know of any, or if you run parties, then please let us know and we will add the details to the site.

The following parties are the only parties we are currently aware of:


Location: Casa Fiesta, Calle El Badén 13, San Bartolomé 03314, Alacant

Whatsapp and SMS: (+34) 610 622 017

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://casafiesta.party

Hosts: JoJo & DirtyDavid

Distance: 113Kms - All but last 10kms motorway

These are our own parties, we run them from our home in San Bartolomé, which is between 50 - 70 minutes from Silver. (we visit friends on the Urb. regularly and it has never taken us more than 75 minutes to complete the journey)

We hold a minimum of 1 swinger party every month, on a Friday or Saturday night.

The posters below show the next scheduled party, click on the poster to be taken to the party site where you can find all the full details and register to attend

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